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Industrial Grade Light Bulbs, Fluorescent Light Bulbs, and Lighting Fixtures

We carry a full line of name brand red light bulbs, blue light bulbs, heat light bulbs, natural light bulbs, industrial grade fluorescent light bulbs, HPS light bulbs, industrial lighting fixtures and hid lights for warehousing and industrial buildings. We also have mercury vapor lights and light bulbs for the stage and studio, as well as hospital lights, audio visual lamps, runway lights for airports, hid light bulbs for apartment buildings, and hid lamps for parking lots. We carry halogen lights for track lights for retail stores, natural lights for the printing industry, and full spectrum lights.

We also carry heat lamps and tuff coat light bulbs for the food industry, also safety shield covers for fluorescent tubes, and a complete line of miniature lamps, we have high and low voltage light bulbs for utility company, and oil industry, we are (GSA listed) for the military, and can service your needs for cleaning chemicals and maintenance supply for your every day needs for your building.

We carry the best in bulbs for all purposes including light bulbs, fluorescent light bulbs, heat, hps, halogen bubls, quartz, miniature, runway, floodlights, color corrective, miniature incandescent, vapor, miniature, heat lamp, av lighting, evo bulbs, and the new energy saving light bulbs for your home. Contact us today for name brand light bulbs and specialty bulbs, including a-style bulbs, fluorescent, standard, halogen, hps, red, natural, and hard-to-find bulbs. Purchase name brand efficient CFL energy-saving lights for Halogen, Fluorescent, Mercury Vapor, A-Style bulbs, and HPS lights from our lightbulb specialty company. SS Bulb provides industrial grade light bulbs. We carry fluorescent light bulbs, mercury vapor and energy saving lamps, lighting fixtures and cleaning chemicals.

Hard to Find Bulbs - GSA Listed - We Ship Fast

Specialty Name Brand Bulbs

Standard Lighting Bulbs

Hard-to-Find Light Bulbs

  • GE Phillips™
  • Sylvania™
  • Osram™
  • Westinghouse™
  • ABCO™
  • USHIO™
  • ALBA™
  • V. Rochet™
  • Voltarc™
  • Olympus™
  • Unitron™
  • Grimes™
  • Swift™
  • Chicago Miniature™
  • BLV, Taunslight™
  • Thorn™
  • Tungstram™
  • Theimer™
  • Lamp Technologies™
  • Light Bulbs
  • Photo Bulbs
  • Miniature Bulbs
  • Stage & Studio Lights
  • Flood Lights
  • Halogen Bulbs
  • Sodium Bulbs
  • Mercury Bulbs
  • Tubular Lights
  • A-Style Light Bulbs
  • Special Long-Life Lamps
  • Incandescent Lamps
  • Fluorescent Tubes
  • Industrial Power Tubes
  • Color Corrective Lights
  • Projection Lamps
  • Fluorescent Fixtures and Ballasts
  • Rectifiers & Semi-Conductors
  • Self-Ballasting Mercury Vapor Lamps
  • Low & High Voltage Bulbs
  • Tuffskin Coated Bulbs & Tubes
  • Quartz Lamps & MR Bulbs
  • Mercury Vapor Lamps
  • Scientific Lamps Ex-Ray
  • HID & SOX Lamps

Hard-to-Find Light Bulbs are our Specialty!

Bulbs: CFL Energy Light, Halogen, & Heat Lamp
We offer standard lighting products such as light bulbs, photo bulbs, miniature bulbs, stage & studio lights, halogen bulbs, sodium bulbs, mercury bulbs, light bulbs, cfl energy light, halogen, heat lamps, a-style bulbs, fluorescent, mercury vapor, hps lights, stage & studio lights, floodlights, color corrective lights, incandescent and tubular lights. You can also purchase those hard-to-find light bulbs such as special long-life lamps, incandescent lamps, fluorescent tubes, industrial power tubes, color corrective lights, projection lamps, fluorescent fixtures and ballasts, rectifiers and semi-conductors, self-ballasting mercury vapor lamps, low and high voltage bulbs, Tuffskin coated bulbs and tubes, quartz lamps and MR bulbs, standard mercury vapor lamps, scientific lamps, x-ray lamps, and HID and SOX lamps. We also carry a line of building cleaning chemicals.

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